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September 19, 2008

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September 14, 2008

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Stranger’s wife in Village

Women in rural areas are undoubtedly hotter than the make-believe urban Horny bitches. This is a real experience, which I found during one of my official tours. My name is Raja. I work for a coal-mining companies, for which I have to visit some of the areas of northeastern India. I’m 27 years old with a strong macho heavy physique. Most women in the city of Delhi, admitted to me that I am a strong sex appeal. I had so many chances to enjoy sex with numerous young sexy urban chics. Free South Indian Sex

Once, as usual, I was traveling to a place called Dhanbad in Bihar, the major coal mines. In these parts of the common transport policy, jeeps and the like (with the exception of buses ie). When I made the train I realized I had lost the address and phone numbers, which I needed for references to reach my goal celebration. I felt completely isolated in the unknown place. The man was traveling with me all the way from Delhi alongwith his wife and a just-born baby is offered to me. He said I could come to his house and stay until I could seek my destination. I took his offer and joined him in his jeep.

I was told it was about 2-3-hour drive to his house. His name was Lakhan Seth and his wife was Juhiya or something like that (I could not understand their pronunciation correct). Lakhan Seth and his few other male friends Saturday in the front seats alongwith his wife and child. I sat in the back with all the baggage and goods. It was a partition between Saturday, where I and the other in the front. We could not see each other. Lakhan Seth seemed rather inconsiderate towards his wife because a little later I smelt a lot of smoke from bidis, which the men must’ve been smoking.

Juhiya apparently not comfortable with all that smoke, while a child in the arm, it was said, they sit in the back seat with me. Lakhan Seth apparently did not even bother to hire his wife sit with a stranger partitioned into the backseat. Juhiya came and sat next to me there was no other place, with loads of packages filled with me. There was very little space for the two of us, so terribly uncomfortable. Juhiya squeezed themselves in what little space there was between the door and me. From the brief collaboration with her, I noticed Juhiya was shy and women dominated. But she had a strong passion in her big beautiful eyes.

They keep their entire body from head to toe under the Saree so I could only see their eyes. But her total number confirms that they are well-formed inside. Even in the train I had noticed she had too often the baby breast-feeding. Every time she secretly opened their blouse and bra to feed the baby my eyes trying to gain an insight into her tits from every possible angle. I felt like a baby desperately want to suck on her nipples. When they hold Saturday, to me, it was the first time her buttocks that pushed deep into my hand, just below her buttocks. None of us could avoid the situation due to lack of space. The knowledge of helplessness, they do not seem to mind.

But the heat from her ass burned my hand and finally the soul, sending a powerful temptation of lust for them. My mouth was watering and whole face was sweating. Juhiya found that a bit and giggled and looked in the other direction. I felt provoked by laughing at me. So I tried to move my hand to feel her ass even more. It turned her on. But is the typical shy and timid village woman, she did not say or do much except for her eyes closing tightly encouraging me to do more. I pressed her ass beautiful.

Only then the baby cried again for milk. She looked embarrassed to ask how to feed the baby in front of me. I just have my face in the opposite direction to make them feel good. It covers the entire head and upper part of Saree carefully opened and the blouse buttons and the bra.

I could see a shadow of their naked boobs through the thin material Saree against the strong light outside. I felt myself in possession of an evil spirit is forcing my hands to pull away the Saree, a sip from her big balls. But because of the child, I had to control myself. But at the slightest jolt the Jeep I have tried to brush my hands or elbows against their most sensitive parts. She was always the message and seemed to agree, in collaboration with me, but at a later date.

Later, when we reached her house I saw that Lakhan Seth holds a reasonably large bungalow. He said he runs a transport company and own several trucks has therefore too often go outstation. He tried to convince me that even if he may not be there with us his wife will see to it that I am comfortable and meet all my needs. In my opinion, had other ideas about meeting the needs of wild and waited eagerly to know when to leave it for such a trip outstation and for how long he would be removed.

The next morning he told me he had to go to Madras and could keep him for nearly 15 days. Once again, he gave instructions to many Juhiya that they should look after me very well and ensure that I do not deny all the necessities. Say yes, he Juhiya and left me alone with the child harmless. In my opinion, could think of nothing other than the desire to have sex with Juhiya. I waited eagerly for any opportunity to see her in any sexy positions.

My eyes were on high alert. The first day in her house, Juhiya served me a good healthy breakfast, but the whole time the head and the whole body has been kept fully covered by the Saree. My despair grew, to see her intimate parts. Immediately after breakfast served me the child cried. Juhiya ran to her baby to feed them. The child was in the main hall at the entrance. Her house is located in a quiet secluded area so I think she was used to breastfeeding the baby even in the open space.

Hold themselves to participate fully in the Saree was the only precaution they used to. They did not know that the bright light from the door behind her gave me a nice shade look at their lavish balls freed from captivity bra and blouse. There was a staircase leading to some rooms on the upper floor. I tiptoed quietly to an upper level, where I could see her naked breasts more clearly. They did not know about it. I could hardly sleep that night. My Dick was too much trouble and kept my mouth imagine that the mouth of the baby’s sucking Juhiya tits. The whole night I was looking for a chance to see them somewhere in the house or to catch something private. I got a room on the upper floor and Juhiya was in the room in the basement.

Time passed and it was already 5th I kept searching for Juhiya. Then I saw her walk from her room sluggish stretching her body. She had not thought, I will be waiting for the search for her so early in the morning. That’s when I saw it with the Saree fall carelessly from their shoulders. She was preparing to go for a swim. In the villages they usually do not have bathrooms in the house. It is usually located in the backyard or any other part of the connection. These people had it in their backyard.

It had three walls with a large bush in front of the door, and there was no roof. From my room on the upper floor, I could see everything clearly in the bathroom. I was Peeping out of my window when they are up to my room to see if I was there just a chance. I hid myself quickly. Then after a few minutes I looked again. They seemed convinced that I still sleep and May. Holy cow! It was the most memorable sight for me to see her slowly before the Saree and then all the others through the clothing. I saw her fully naked only for half a minute.

According bound that they slip over the boobs. I guess that’s the traditional way for women to have bath in the villages. She was pouring water all over her body and enjoy the fresh feeling. When she was applying soap, she had the lifting of the petticoat for the interior. These were the few other quick insights I got from her private areas. It was still somewhat dark, so I could not see it all in much detail. But even that was hot enough to Kindle the fire of desire in my body.

I felt every nerve in me burn like coal from the mines. Juhiya had hardly finished her bath when the baby began to cry again. She looked angry, that they do not even have a proper bath, because the baby crying the whole time. I saw her everything was and how it runs in her room only in the petticoat. In her room, I heard her crying and give gaalis to the child that such a nuisance. To shut up the child cries, I think she had to feed the baby again. I have the opportunity to make this moment. I quickly ran down immediately after barging into her room to ask whether the baby was okay and if I could help in any way.

Juhiya was shocked to see me suddenly and I was shocked to see that decreased Juhiya had the full petticoat and sat naked, because they do not expect from me. We both were so shocked with the unexpected shocks. My throat ran dry. I was speechless. Since I had asked whether there was a way I could help, she smiled shyly and said: “What can you do? Can you feed my baby when I’m busy with something else?” I smiled, but not away from there. Instead, I went closer to her and sat down on the ground. She was on her bed with the legs down. I gently touched her legs and said: “Now you have dual responsibility.

I’m thirsty, that for milk. So now you have to breastfeed the baby as well as myself. “She laughed again shy. Then she held me by the arm and said:” Saabji, please sit down. Come, sit on the bed. “As I sat on the bed she moved quickly a bedsheet to. I pulled the blanket away and then threw them away. There was nothing else nearby, which they could use that for her body. Just a gesture with his hand to say, ‘Wait until the child into sleep mode. “I was very pleased they agreed to my proposal.

I was dying to my hands and mouth and thick attack on her body juicy body, which was fresh after the bath. I was always so desperate that I actually wanted the child out the window. But I had now choice. It was not my baby. So I had to wait. After half an hour the child was fast asleep. My eyes were not from her hardcore sex bomb of a site. She looked slowly, to see what I am up. I crawled on the bed and lie down putting my head in her lap. It was very warm. I kissed her navel and the entire stomach part. There were a lot of hair on her pussy like a dense forest.

I brushed my fingers through the mini-jungle wet, as if it had rained in the forest. They were her sexy juices, the first sign of orgasm, and a green signal to the seventh heaven. I helped her lie down as well and then licked across the whole front part of her body. Later she turned over and has the same with the full back. I especially enjoyed licking the ass and pussy. Since she was already a mother a child, she also has good experience in sex. But their desperation for my Dick told me that her husband does not fulfill all their sexual needs. Free Porn Pics

Perhaps because he employs more money and not for their care so much. They grabbed my tail violently insane and started biting on it like a bitch. It was hard for me, but I did not want to disappoint them. With its continuous sucking on my Dick suddenly there were loads of ejaculation is flowing like a river. I would drink it quite a bit. The rest I poured all over her tits, stomach and pussy and then disseminate it licked me for a long time. Naughty Pornchicks

She opened her pussy flaps of a widely publicized and asked me to quickly push in my thick, which are used for dying. We fucked and fucked for the next few hours. We practiced different styles in the next few days. After a week I forgot that I had to take care of business. Juhiya had made me forget everything. The day I had to leave them looked very sad. But I promised her that I visit them whenever I’m in this region. In fact, sometimes I specifically planned a trip just to do it with her again. Whenever she learned that her husband was going too far away from the more than ten days used to send me a telegram, and I never missed a chance with my favorite sweet rustic rural Babe Juhiya.  Big Tits At School

Full Free Porn Sex Story

August 21, 2008

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Hello readers, I happened to be a bit sexy, by nature, and cute girls have always called me. But my shyness kept me away from the actual practice involvement in the sex until the impact.

I was very jealous of beautiful women and girls with beautiful figure and I used to look in their direction. Some of them have noticed, and most of those who have given positive responses. Needless to mention here is that women are generally attracted to me for their own reasons. You can hardly say that women are to go in males if often mentioned after the beauty apparent in the opposite sex.Full Free Porn Videos | Free Porn Videos | Porn Videos | Free Sex Videos | Free Porn Video | Slutload | Slutload Videos

Anyway the real asset whose women have received are those contained in their arms and their lack tool that is desperately one is not in their pants J These days increasing number of girls and ladies and try to expose their breasts in one way or the other to win lustful glances of boys and men.

I am a 27-year-old doctor practicing in a famous hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. I & my male colleagues have noted the enthusiasm with which the girls today to review by the male doctor. Each time alone with doc, they often complain of chest pain without apparent reason and ask to feel their breasts. The joy of a man’s hands on the breasts of a woman is, indeed, a very lustful for both. Some girls eliminate brassieres also give good glimpse of their soft rounded breasts and nipples and gladly watched and caressed by their doctor male favorite. If you want to give their joy when hot kisses on their real asset J
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My only experience with a 19-year 1st girl who came to the OPD with his mother. The complaints were with fever and a dry cough sore throat. His mother looks rather worried about it. I reassured son & daughter asked him to lie on a bed of routine clinical examination and curtains covered. It was a sweet girl seeks to Cute & innocent aspects of a beautiful face and body figure. Although auscultating his chest, she coughed a couple of times my eyes and arrested at his well-developed breasts bounce Up & Down under his clothes fitted closely. My heart beat quickly became. She eyes my opinion but deliberately ignored. Then it happened again and I could not keep my eyes away from sweet soft rounded breasts research waved under her bra. This time, she smiled after my lustful gaze and said: “Doctor, something is wrong?” I became confused, what could I answer? Everything was right and so perfect that my eyes can not help but admire them. I quickly completed its review and asked him to get out of bed. After giving him some medicine and especially his adviser to take care of itself, I wish him a speedy recovery from the disease. She looked at me with love and grateful eyes and left with his mother.
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There were not many patients at night and during the rest of the time I kept thinking about that sweet girl. I wondered if it would come back to my OPD. I did not have long to wait for next week and she came with her mother. Now, it looks quite well and gave me a smile. I had to admit his call beauty. I asked them to sit down and his mother said she believed that her daughter is OK now. Well, how could I declare its “OK” without even considering its? I asked him if I could have my satisfaction and I asked his permission for her daughter to the examination bed. Covered inside, I gave him a long admiring gaze until it became a little shy. She was wearing a nice blue jeans and a T-shirt with a black bra inside. I asked him if I could lift up his shirt and it allowed me forward as if she was ready for that. It helped me to find her and what I found inside a big pair of breasts try to bulge of her bra which created a deep divide. All this considered so nice and adorable that I lost in its preliminary viewing. She cut her breasts covered with a smile of love and asked if I want to see more? I was somewhat shocked by his generous offer, but then I realized the power of a loving gaze and its value to a woman. A woman, regardless of the very beautiful, very buy an admiring gaze of his beloved man at the cost of nudity. And as far as other nature gave them stunning beauty if their counterparts can not enjoy it? I was, however, aware of her mother outside the presence of so I did not want to raise any suspicion. I quickly embraced the sweet pink plays this charming girl, stroking his soft face, kissed both of her breasts pressure and their love that caused him a little moan. I promised that one day I am free of her breasts the bra. She became very excited, kissed me back and said, “I love you doc!”
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Then I went out and told the mother that her daughter is a good thing. Before leaving, she took my contact number for any future family in regard to health problems but I knew it was at the request of his mischievous daughter. The same night Sana (I forgot to mention the name of that sweat girl) called me at about 1 am in the morning. She said she tries to sleep but can not do as she continued reflection of what happened in the OPD. Let me clarify something here that we both were beginners in the field of sex, and led only by our own instincts, did what we had not done before. She thought that I liked her. I really loved her and if I want to have a closer encounter with her. She asked about the details of my work that I practiced in the same hospital as a RMO and functions of rotation in my neighborhood. We had to attend the OPD three times a week. I told him my days and times. We then kissed the phone and bade review each other.
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The following week when I was winding my OPD, a strange thing happened. Sana came with his mother weep with abdominal pain. She also had multiple episodes of vomiting at home. I considered quickly and according to his symptoms and signs made the diagnosis of acute abdomen (a state in which abdominal pain is due to underlying causes variable and May need emergency treatment). But I was surprised that how it might develop this type suddenly following a complaint sore throat. I had to admit in my district for further evaluation. I said RMO duty to take care of her and left for home. That night I could not sleep because she called me several times and asked me why I left her in pain and went home and why I did not stay the night? It seems to be angry against me, but I had to do right in the morning. I convinced to let me sleep so I can meet tomorrow. The next morning, I look forward to my neighborhood and was afraid of fear, it should be moved to appendectomy!
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To my total joy I found in neighbourhoods and in the hall opposite doctor’s duty room. After clearing the RMO night, I went to his room and found her sleeping in her bed. His mother was sleeping on the conveyor near the bed, his face to the opposite side. I had taken details of the woman doctor in the night that all its tests, including X-rays and ultrasounds were normal. I wondered if Sana was imitating something, but it is far from my guess. I came closer, sitting at his bedside and looked at her sweet face showing no signs of illness. It was fresh as I saw her last week. I felt deep love for his past and my fingers through his hair brown. Then I placed a warm kiss on her cheek rose that makes her awake late into the night’s sleep. She was surprised to see me begin by sitting at his side. Suddenly, she got up, jumped closer and kissed me. I am also good in my arms with her breasts pressing against my chest and I could feel his excitement with his heart beating. His face was close to mine and I gave him some deep kisses on his face while caressing his back. She also responded with kisses while striking me firmly against his body. We kept sitting tight with each other for some time. We had a delicious feeling strange exchanging our energies with each other. I have already locked the door behind and his mother was in a deep sleep. Then I asked him what brought her to the hospital and she told me she just wanted to meet me. I smiled at her innocence and gave him another warm kiss she received with impatience. She told me she loves him if I proceed further, but I was on duty. I had to see other patients in the district and also to prepare consultants round. So I left her bed in ‘& she let me turn the promise that I would also like to make a night in the district.
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The morning duty that day was hectic, but I kept the duty to ask what would I have to perform in the night? 🙂 I called the RMO night and told him that I wanted my duty to exchange with her and she accepted.

Throughout the evening, Sana kept reminding me again and again that I have come to the hospital during the night until I asked him to let me rest for a while, because I knew she did to me lets not sleep that night. She giggled and did not call again.
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While keeping in mind that Sana would be discharged tomorrow and wonder what might happen that night, I arrived at the hospital at around 10: 45 pm and found the evening RMO shortly thereafter. My beloved was already waiting for me and she sent her mother somewhat at home during the night. I am now responsible for liquidating some tasks night. The area was generally stable apart from a few complaints from patients who are usually the caregivers tackled effectively. Then, when it is approximately 2 am, I took a cycle of sleep and patients is entering his room the last.
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It lies in bed and look outside the window. The sound of my steps his face turned to me. Her eyes glittered me to see once again and I lost in its beauty with the same innocence, which always enchanted me. She wore a delicate black silk dress which showed through him almost all of his body creamy white except for one little area covered by a pair of underwear. The small white bra was unable to hide his big breasts and small string covered the cat while the strap disappeared in the crack of his ass rounding. It seems to be a sex bomb and I started to have a disc. She was smart enough to notice my faucet in my awakening and trousers with a smile directed me to lock the door. But I was faced with two problems at the same time. First, I was the doctor on duty and was expected to remain in my own room. Secondly, how could I take this semi-naked woman in my room? Fortunately, I suddenly recalled the gallery behind our rooms and rear doors opening onto it. I told him how it should reach my room through the darkness and gallery also advised to take clothes as she would have to return in the morning light. And, more importantly, only enter my room 🙂
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Then I left her and reached the counter and nursing staff advised not disturb me unless new patient is admitted or any emergency. I then entered the door of my room and locked it. I started waiting for my love to arrive shortly afterwards, who knocked at the door gallery. My heart plunged into my throat with enthusiasm. I opened the door and found her gasping with emotion. I’ve never had a date with a girl if secretly, but it was darling. In no time we were each other in the arm stroking and kissing each other. I never thought that one day I meet my dream girl in my own room duty. I prayed for the longevity of that night and that caregivers must not call anything for me.
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I have so far been in full dress & Sana office started slowly remove it. First, it defeated my necktie then removed my shirt and later on the pants. Now I just play in two underwear. My erection of the penis has become very difficult and now and began a teasing through my shorts. It is now benefit by rubbing his body against my tap and appreciated the contour of it over my shorts. I then withdrew his silky black dress revealing her assets. I could refresh my eyes with a girl now almost bare as those observed in beech. His erect nipples could easily be felt in her bra and his string was wet with his lubrications. While caressing the cat by the string, I could easily find a pair of lips swollen cat with a cleft between enlarged and a clitoris. I rubbed a little and she started moaning.
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Soon, we decided to get rid of the rest of our clothes and enjoy nature in its essence. I have received nearly fainted to see the company rounded breasts of this gentle lady with pink rose areoles and erect nipples. There was one death in perfection. I could not help but play with these soft rounded breasts while pressing and twisting the hard nipples. For long I continued to lick and kiss puppies. All that foreplay is equally appreciated by Sana as she sighed with relief and moaned with pleasure.
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Then came his turn and she quickly removed my underwear. For his ultimate surprise, a 7-inch tail appeared all wet with the precum. It has, for the first time, holding the penis of a man’s hand and stroked with enthusiasm. I took a deep sigh of relief. She started playing with this new toy for her. She pressed several times and made me feel like in the sky. The experience of sex with such a beauty queen was the best feeling of my life and I thought myself to be the happiest person on earth. She continued to play with my tool until I could no longer hold and exploded CMU, which landed on her face and breasts. She almost screamed with joy as it was also a beginner like me to sex. She then looked at me with eyes full of love, stood up and kissed me on the cheek. At least now it news that I had the manpower real 🙂

Now it was my turn and I had been waiting for for a long time to explore the cat. I removed his wet string to find World cutest cat. A sweet aroma hit my nose and I saw two shaved pink lips swollen around her vagina. At the margin at the top of his lips is a clitoris erect. She opened the cat by the fingers to show me her vagina. I kissed my love and started to give him a pleasant sensation in her breasts squeezing, pinching his nipples and rubbing her clitoris at the same time. She moaned heavily during the process and within 10 minutes.
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Then two of us has a little rest and lying on the bed with our bodies wrapped with each other. I have again developed on a drive and tries to gently rub my cock up against his soft belly. And she tried to put pressure on her breasts and nipples erect against my chest. I occasionally caressed her ass and a slot origin. Nature has created everything in pairs so that we could enjoy each other.
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Then suddenly, while shaking my tool, my love said she wants badly my tap in her pussy. Well, who could never refuse to answer the ultimate sexual desire of this beautiful girl lying completely naked in his arms? But I had already planned for this occasion and therefore excused. This unexpected and unpleasant frustrated his reply. She called me that night to experience sex with her beloved until the last limit, but I was leaving his thirst in the middle of the desert. She protested angry, “You liked, loved and appreciated each & every part of my body. Now, what the hell do you want in a daughter to kiss?” Now she began to cry too. Everything is now based on my plan. I am a rather simple person, while people generally apathetic take me for anybody.
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Men and women are like two opposite charges. Whenever they coincide a spark of enjoyment, but they can run an entire family if they have a certain legal relationship. I want desperately for a sweet woman who could relieve me sexually, emotionally and mentally. I never want a slut part-time for the kiss and then forget. But I needed a full-time wife who could take care of my house too. I think it had not been a better time than now to ask the hand of this sweet girl. I have kept my darling newborn firmly into my arms, embraced warmly, pressed his soft breasts, rubbed his wet pussy, caressed her back and said, “Would you marry me?” She laughed instantly with a pleasant surprise and said: “Do you want to marry me just for the kiss, although the rest you have already done?” But I told him that I was really a life as his partner and I do not want to lose her. She did not answer but gave me a kiss hot and after rubbing his face against my chest hair she understood me. In a few minutes, she slept in my arms.
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Later on how I managed to convince my parents about her is a separate story. Then I finally quenched the thirst of my love of pussy the nuptial night. I kissed her hard in almost all positions which also benefited, and that we shared the satisfaction and appreciation of our lives with each other.Full Free Porn Videos | Free Porn Videos | Porn Videos | Free Sex Videos | Free Porn Video | Slutload | Slutload Videos